ICT Group Conducted a Call Center Open Forum & Job Fair in Cabanatuan City

Hundreds of students, teachers, applicants, and other professionals attended the “Job Fair and Call Center Open Forum” conducted by the ICT Group in Cabanatuan City, last September 8, 2006.

(L) Gov. Tomas N. Joson, Prov’l Gov. Nueva Ecija
(R) Mr. John Langford, ICT Group Senior VP for Operations

(L) Ms. Veronique T. Huibonhoa, President CHAS Realty & Dev’t Corporation
(R) Ms. Edith Jongo, Public Information Officer, Cabanatuan City

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45 responses

13 05 2008

i would like to apply. may i know where can i submit my resume? thank you

10 06 2008

hi.. i am interested in your company. Where can I send my resume’? And what are the benefits offered? thanks!

11 07 2008

please hire me..

15 07 2008

i always go to megacenter to apply. but its always close.. when is it gonna be open?

4 08 2008
Niño Luis M. Baguisi

I would like to know if there are open positions now for TCCR, I am working as a TCCR 2 here in Convergys Commonwealth for 15mos. now and is interested to apply if ever there are open positions. I’m from Nampicuan, N.E.

5 08 2008

@ di , richel, enzo, kerol, Nino – Thank you for your interest in applying here at Megacenter the Mall, you may send your resume at the 5th Level of our Mall and their front desk officer is always around to accomodate applicants.

29 08 2008

hi, I’m interested in joining your IT group since I’m a Computer Engineering graduate and I have worked for an Automotive industry for 3 years in Quality Department but Info Tech is really what I wanted. Please give me an e-mail to submit my resume. Thanks and regards…

4 09 2008
madie eser

hi erwin..
is it ok to walk in to ict ortigas recruitment instead and then request to be deployed in cab city? do you have any financial or technical account ramping up in cab city?

21 09 2008

good day! I would like to know if there is an open position for managerial, if there is i would like to apply, I have many experience in this position.thank you. Im looking forward for your response.

21 09 2008

i would like to know what are the requirements for application?

29 09 2008

does your office open for hiring aspiring call center agents daily? do you also conduct trainings for them?

1 10 2008

Hello! I am working in Advance Contact Solutions Financial Account for almost three years, as a Team Lead. I was wondering if there are post available for that same position, or if product trainer/soft skills is available. Pls let me know. Im from Guimba, Nueva Ecija. You can reach me through email, silverblue_malhou@yahoo.com.


4 10 2008

hi.. I would like to apply to your company, but i don’t know if there are still slots available for the job. And, if it’s qualified to apply a undergraduate student. Pls kindly post up the date of hiring, qualifications and all the requirements needed. Pls and thank you….

20 10 2008

hi this is angel, im happy for the news that there is a call center here in cabanatuan..im a nursing student willing to apply as your agent..hope you will hire me after i pass my resume………tnx

27 10 2008

if you need a costumer service rep. I am willing to apply of said position.Thank you.

28 11 2008

they’re still hiring… keep on applying…

28 11 2008

they’re still hiring… keep on applying

6 01 2009

Hello! do you have position for technical support?

20 05 2009

Yup, positions for TSRs are still available.

8 03 2009

hi, are they accepting walk in applicants?
what are the requirements?

20 05 2009

Yes they are accepting walk-in applicants, simply bring your resume, SSS Number, Tin Number and NBI Clearance

20 05 2009

jan, they are accepting walk-in applicants mondays thru fridays 10AM to 7AM

16 03 2009

hi! i wanna know if you’re company is still hiring a call center agent? i would like to apply. thanks!

20 05 2009

Yes they are continuously hiring applicants, Janina. You can bring your resume at the Fifth Level of Megacenter the Mall, Cabanatuan City.They are accepting walk-in applicants Mondays thru Fridays 10AM to 7PM

31 03 2009
goodafternoon.i'm Aisa i heard about your company & i want to apply, i'm a undergraduate nursing student. . .willing to learn & be part of this company. . .i really need a job, so please can you let me know where i can submit my resume. . .& p

Looking for a job now. . .

20 05 2009

Aisa, you can bring your resume at the Fifth Level of Megacenter the Mall, Cabanatuan City.They are accepting walk-in applicants Mondays thru Fridays 10AM to 7PM

13 04 2009

hi i’m roselyn paraiso from bulacan. I’m taking up Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education major in Biological Science. I’m turning to 4th year college this coming endrollment. Honestly I don’t hve any exprience in any job but I’m willing to learn and I’m willing to apply as your agent.

Respectfully yours
Paraiso, Roselyn C.

20 05 2009

Just bring with you your resume, TIN Number, SSS Number and NBI Clearance. It is better for you to apply personally because they are accepting walk-in applicants Mondays thru Fridays 10AM to 7PM.

16 04 2009
julie ann canare

good day sir/mam,i just wanna ask if your still open for hiring applicants for csr section?i would like to apply..and send a copy of my resume to your company.

20 05 2009

Julie, Please personally bring your resume, TIN Number, SSS Number and NBI Clearance at the ICT Recruitment Office – Megacenter the Mall, Cabanatuan City.

22 04 2009

hi, i was an ict employee before but i resign since my boyfriend decided to go back to thier province which happens to be here in cabanatuan, just want to ask if is there a way you could check my file and tell me if i’m eligible for rehire? thanks…..

22 04 2009

by the way my full name is maria theresa villegas. gamc collections agent. i resigned last 04/20/2008

4 05 2009

Hi, I am a former trainee. I would like to try being an encoder. May I know how can I apply online?

20 05 2009

Teresa, it is better for you to personally come and apply for the position. Its just a one day recruitment process. Here is the Qualifications for the Encoder: Atleast 18 Years old and College Level – Must achieve atleastr 9000 to 10000 keystrokes per hour or 40 to 45 wpm with 95% accuracy.

19 05 2009
joemark loro

good day! I’m just going to ask if your company is hiring applicants who finished the TESDA program for call center agent,i,m looking forward in your response and it will highly be appriciated>thx

20 05 2009

Joemark, completing the TESDA Call Center Training program is an advantage but still everyone will under go the ICT’s Standard Recruitment Process.

21 05 2009

dear madam/sir


I would like to know if ICTgroup are still open for DATA ENCODER.
I had a 5yrs experience on said subject but as far as i read on MANILLA BULLETIN there is but when i started to contact it always say “none”..

hoping for pursuing my career on your prestigious company.

marlon bunyi

21 05 2009

Good morning Mr. Erwin! i have passed the TESDA Assessment for the National Certification and a graduate of 2yr I.T. course, am i qualify to apply?? thanks for your reply!!

23 05 2009

i would like to apply position for technical support or data encoder, but i don’t know if there are still slots available for the job, these two are my expertise;

27 05 2009
Jolamay D. Limos

Good day. I am looking for a better job for me with the best of my knowledge and ability where I can learn about communication until i found this ICT group here in Cabanatuan. I would like to apply in your good company. thank you.

3 06 2009

hi, im virginia, 23, nursing undergraduate, first time to apply, without any working experience… is it possible for me to be hired on your company??? im willing to learn and im a fast learner… flexible to any offered…… and honest….. do i have a nchance to qualify? please response.

10 06 2009

hi! i wanna know if this company are required a college level gradu8

13 06 2009

Hi! I’m interested for TSR post in your company. I worked with TELEPERFORMANCE PHILS in Ortigas for a year and with 27/7 CUSTOMER PHILS. in Makati for a year as well. Now, I’m enrolled in Central Luzon State University, senior student, and i want to know if you hire part timers. I’d be free for work during the night and i have enrolled only 12 units for the semester. Your response would be greatly appreciated.

31 08 2009

good day.,. im very interested from your company, where i can send my resume via email? thanks and God bless

7 09 2009

Hi! Good Day. I just want to ask if there’s a training for a call center agent in ICT group in Mega Center. Thanks God Bless.

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