Our Call Center Project

Project Updates:

November 29, 2006 – Alorica Phils. Job Fair & English Assessment
September 8, 2006 – ICT Group Job Fair & Open Forum

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) are a driving force in the Philippine economy today. The expansion of ICT-enabled services outside Metro Manila today continues at a quick pace, and this is the main reason why CRDC is working out on this project to make Cabanatuan City in Central Luzon as the ICT industry’s next base of operation.
A two-and-a-half hour ride from Manila, Cabanatuan has much to offer investors due to its skilled labor force and lower cost of doing business. Cabanatuan City is the most populated area in Nueva Ecija and is home to Central Luzon’s best universities. The presence of a skilled labor pool, developed telecommunications infrastructure, continuous powers supply and security make Cabanatuan an ideal choice for the ICT-enabled services. In addition, a very progressive, investor-friendly, and supportive City Government is in place to ensure sure that your needs and concerns would be well attended to.


Our company, CHAS Realty and Development Corporation (CRDC) is offering a 4,000 sq. meter contiguous PEZA approved space located at the 5th level of Megacenter the Mall in Cabanatuan City. Our building is equipped with the most modern facilities and amenities. We also boast an extensive line-up of tenants that would be best suitable to service the 24/7 operational needs of the ICT Industry.  

CHAS Realty and Development Corporation together with the Provincial Government of Nueva Ecija, City Government of Cabanatuan, the Nueva Ecija Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the entire Academe of Nueva Ecija have joined efforts to promote an ICT awareness program by conducting trainings and seminars to further educate the young, dynamic and hard working labor force of our province. To attest to the effectiveness of our collaboration, we are very honored to inform you that based on our recently concluded “Call Center Job Fair”, we were able to generate a 49.9% passing rate which is by all odds higher compared to the passing rate of the manpower pool from other Central Luzon provinces.

For more information about the project, download the: Megacenter Information Brief


71 responses

5 02 2008

ict confirmed in their last christmas party that they will be branching out here in cabanatuan city. i would like to ask if their office will be in mega center or not? coz there are quite a number of ict agents like me who are originally from cabanatuan. thanks.

5 02 2008
Happy Lizzette

@blue – We are very pleased to inform you that… YES, ICT would be branching out in Cabanatuan and their center would be located here at the 5th level of Megacenter The Mall.

Finally, you guys could come home to Cabanatuan and work with the ICT center here, and we are indeed looking forward for that. Thank you and hope to see you soon! 🙂

6 02 2008

thanks for your immediate response…

any more information that you can share? like when will it start? what are the accounts? or at least if it will be inbound or outbound accounts…

thank you

14 02 2008

hi i’m really interested to know if there are other call center companies setting up in cabanatuan? it’s great if agents who are originally from cabanatuan can be based nearer to home…

15 03 2008

when will the call center be physically set up here in cabanatuan? I was a call center agent before and I’m very interested to have a job near home.When can we apply for the job?

24 04 2008
Happy Lizzette

@ Jobeth – The Call Center is already being constructed at the 5th Level of Megacenter the Mall. You may apply anytime for they are now in the process of doing Job Interviews and Call Simulation Tests, just drop by and submit your resume at their Recruitment Office at the 5th Level of Megacenter the Mall. Good Luck!

25 04 2008

hi! i just wanna ask if the compensation rate here in ortigas will be the same rate there?

27 04 2008

My cousin in Cabanatuan is applying for a job in ICT Cabanatuan.

I would like to know the requirements for the job. and the necessary documents needed. And when will the operations start. Thanks.

29 04 2008

hi mam happy!

im glad that the call center is open now for business in cabanatuan. at last! i’ll be sending my resume. would you like to post the vacant positions? thanks.

1 05 2008

it’s really good to hear that news! there’s no need for me to stay in QC. I can just stay in cabanatuan….. When can we apply?

2 05 2008
mc escuadro

good news for us cabanatuenos that finally a call center company is branching here for the first time..,having said that..,i just want to ask if you are still entertaining applicants to work in the said branch?

2 05 2008

is there any vacancies for recruitment or human resources? i used to work in a call center in manila as a recruitment specialist…. im happy to know that your company will be open here in nueva ecija.ü

2 05 2008

hi there! I’m from down south and i just wanna ask if the email add posted below the call center advert can be use for the submission of my resume? and if you conduct phone interviews?

2 05 2008

Hi! I would like to know if you have a website that can provide interested applicants an idea of the available positions. Also, do you do over the phone interviews?

8 05 2008
Joshua Tobias

hi… i am a telespecialist before and handled different accounts.. just wanna ask what projects are u into… and if the compensation is same as in ICT Marikina… tnx…

12 05 2008

May we have the email address so we can send our CVs. THanks!!!

14 05 2008

hi! im’ a customer service representative and i’m planning in working in the province. can you pls send me info on how to apply for the job. thanks.

19 05 2008

can we apply online

22 05 2008
Marlyn Ong

This is a great news!
I’m an ICT employee back in 2004.. had a pretty good experience there! (Makati and Ortigas respectively)
Household Bank, Bank of America and Yellowpages Accounts.. “Hi Sir John Langford <;

My husband got an offer to work in Central Luzon (Pampanga), the reason why we moved here.

Just wanna know if you have plans in expanding here at Pampanga? If so, I’m very much willing to work with you again (:

Thank you very much!


22 05 2008

great news…atlas a call center that’s based on our city! what are the qualifications needed to be an agent? tnx

24 05 2008

hi happy lizzette, i am interested to apply in ICT, i am currently employed in SITEL Baguio Philipplines, as a Technical Support Representative for a year and 4 months now..i am a resident of cabanatuan, but i am working in Baguio, too far from my family, and it’s good to know that ICT is in Nueva Ecija now..is there any email address that I could just send my resume?

29 05 2008
shera g. mejico

good evening? i just want to ask why untill now i dont receive from ict call center… they call me first a month ago and the one who interview she say i am passed to the phone call interview and wait for the second call. im kindly asking for the chances that they still call me. im originated novo ecijano. thank you very much.

30 05 2008

can i still apply for a call canter position eventhough i am 30 years of age, i am working in a government office and i think i am burn out for the same routine everyday , i want to explore and do more, i am good in conversation, hope you can answer my query, thanks

9 06 2008

yes kat you may still apply in a call center. there is no age limit.

9 06 2008

where can submmit my resume

10 06 2008

is it ok if inquire first in ortigas? cause im currently based in ortigas also a cca, im glad that you guys made a branch in cab, looking forward for the chance to be working with you guys!!

15 07 2008

i always go to megacenter to apply. but its always close.. when is it gonna be open?

16 07 2008
jasmin medina

Dear Ms. Happy,
I’m currently working in a call center here in Manila and I’m planning to apply in ICT because i’m leaving in Guimba N.E. i already passed my resume and unfotunately i recieved no calls. Can i apply again and would you mind sending the info on how to apply on my email add.
Thank you so much.

6 08 2008

..i’m interested to apply at ICT, what are the qualifications and requirements?
..is it ok if i just send my CV thru e-mail?

23 08 2008

hi ma’am!Ü i signed a contract with your company just this thursday august 21 in makati. i’ll be in your new account which is panasonic.. i just want to ask if there in cabanatuan city this account will also open, if yes. can i be assigned in cabanatuan? because i am raised there and i consider that place my home..Ü

27 08 2008
stealth santiago

Are you accepting applicants who have worked with Teletech Philippines and has just resigned this month? The said company has entered into agreement with some call centers not to accept applicants who have worked with them unless its 1 year past already. I just resigned this August,2008.

I really really really want to work already where my family is and you can make it happen for me! I am a performing agent and take the job by heart and i will not fail you!

Please let me know if my application will be entertained, asap if possible,even thru sms 09196987822.


20 09 2008

hi! im interested to apply in ICT marikina. CAn you send me the qualifications and conditions in applying in that branch? is there any room for a student there? i mean for a student like me can i apply there as a part time jobber? i am hoping for your kind response…godbless…

24 09 2008
Double J

Hello, im working at Trec pacific in Ortigas and im originally residing in Cabanatuan. Do you have an open post for TSR?

2 10 2008
Nohvee Damasco

Hi Ma’am/Sir,

Do you still have openings for Team Leader and Shift Manager posts?


9 11 2008

hi im currently looking for a call center near our place (cabiao) instead of going to manila or pampanga, then ive heard u guys hve a branch in cabanatuan? is there any contact numbers where i can inquire? BTW, do u still have openings for supervisor or quality analysr? here’s my contact number: +639193116925.. tenx.

11 06 2009

hello..i am currently seeking for a part time job suitable on my sched..is there any vacancy that i can apply to? I am a residence of sta.rosa but i do board at samson villge ,sumacab este cab. city near our school NEUST ..

10 11 2008

Where can I apply or the ict call center?

28 11 2008

i know they still need TL’s and supervisors…

13 01 2009

hi i just resigned as a tsr at sitel philippines baguio.a month ago i worked at sitel for 6 mos.and a year.im interested to be part of your company.what are the requirements needed ?

20 05 2009

Windy, you will be needing to produce your resume, SSS and TIN Number, as well as your NBI Clearance.

14 01 2009

To alll the inquiries regarding employment at the ICT Group Cabanatuan facility.

ICT Group is currently hiring and you can apply directly with ICT at the megacenter. If you are in Metro Manila you may also apply at ICT’s Marikina facility, please state your interest in Cabanatuan, You may also direct your resume to Honeychelle Hernandez. She is the manager of recruiting located in Marikina and is responsible for Cabanatuan.

4 02 2009

hi im a single mom, has 2 kids… currently residing at quezon. but this coming april i have decided to move out and stay with my parents place there in gapan nueva ecija for good. i just want to know where should i send my CV, should i go there in cabanatuan? heres my contact number…if its ok you can txt me here … 09152942119
thank you very much…

20 05 2009

vampirella, they are accepting walk-in applicants. It is better if you will drop by at their office at the 5th level, megacenter the Mall, Cabanatuan City.

12 02 2009

Do you have posts for Operations Manager or Shift Managers? I’m currently working as a Supervisor/Team Lead in one of the biggest call centers here in Manila and is looking for a career move. If the salary would compensate for the relocation then I’m very much interested. I’ve been a Supervisor/Team Lead for almost 2 years now and have a wide understanding on the Operational and Financial aspects of the business.

20 05 2009

Please call 044.463.0342 for your query.

17 02 2009
carina juan

can i still apply for a call canter position eventhough i am only 20 years of age, i want to explore and do more, i am good in conversation, hope you can answer my query, thanks

20 05 2009

Ofcourse Carina, everyone is welcome to apply.

28 03 2009
Clarizza Greñas

hi..can i ask how to apply to your company? i am a resident here in nueva ecija and i interested to a part of your team..thank you..

20 05 2009

you can bring your resume at the Fifth Level of Megacenter the Mall, Cabanatuan City.They are accepting walk-in applicants Mondays thru Fridays 10AM to 7PM

20 05 2009

Simply bring your resume, SSS and Tin Number, and NBI Clearance at the 5th level, Megacenter the Mall, Cabanatuan City.

29 03 2009
joy punzalan

hi!I was wondering if positions are still open.If so, I was wondering where i can send my resume?

20 05 2009

Yup, there are positions that are still open… You can personally send your resume at the Fifth Level of Megacenter the Mall, Cabanatuan City.They are accepting walk-in applicants Mondays thru Fridays 10AM to 7PM.

20 04 2009
lailanie de guzman

i just wanna know what are the requierements to apply on your call center? or else can we apply online?

20 05 2009

Just bring with you your resume, TIN Number, SSS Number and NBI Clearance. It is better for you to apply personally by he way they are accepting walk-in applicants Mondays thru Fridays 10AM to 7PM

20 04 2009

im a student and i still need a job to support myself how can i be in this company

20 05 2009

cesiah, if your schooling schedule will permit, you can apply at the 5th level, Megacenter the Mall, Bet. Melencio and Gen. Tinio Sts. Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. Their telephone Number is 044.463.0342. Bring with you your resume, TIN Number, SSS Number and NBI Clearance.

21 04 2009

I am interested in working with ICT. How do I go about that?

20 05 2009

Annalee, They are accepting walk-in applicants, Mondays thru Fridays 10AM to 7PM. Please visit ICT at 5th level, Megacenter the Mall, Bet. Melencio and Gen. Tinio Sts. Cabanatuan City, Nueva Ecija. Their telephone Number is 044.463.0342. Bring with you your resume, TIN Number, SSS Number and NBI Clearance.

6 05 2009

is this true? when can we apply? do ICT need garduates in college or even some college my do? tnx

20 05 2009

elane, this is true! ICT is continuously hiring personels. You just need to be atleast 18 years old to apply… For further inquiry, please call them at 044.463.0342

11 05 2009

good day mam,
i already passed my resume in your email address as ive read you answered one of the questions here. should i ask if there are other requirements or qualifications in applying. i really wanted to be part of ICT. i am a young mom and sometimes i can’t afford to go there in the city so i just applied online.
waiting for your response,
thank you,

20 05 2009

hi cris. aside from your resume, please bring with you your SSS Number, Tin Number and NBI Clearance. They are accepting Walk-in applicants Mondays thru Fridays, 10AM to 7 PM. God Bless!

12 05 2009

hi!!just want to ask if your coimpany will accept a 17 year old like me…

20 05 2009

dave, you just have to wait until you’re 18. Hiring minors is a violation of our Labor Code. For the mean time, enhance and continuously improve your english proficiency so that when you reach 18, you’ll be capable and competent enough be be part of the ICT Family.

17 05 2009

Hi! I’m wondering if this site still works (latest post shows 10-02-2008) and if it does, may I know if it’s still advisable to send you my resume online since it’ll be more convenient on both our parts, or should i drop my resume personally to your office? Thanks. God bless!

20 05 2009

(05-17-09) Hi! I’m wondering if this site still works (latest post shows 10-02-2008) and if it does, may I know if it’s still advisable to send you my resume online since it’ll be more convenient on both our parts, or should i drop my resume personally to your office? Thanks. God bless!

20 05 2009

michi, our apology for the late reply. it is better for you to personally drop by their office. They are now entertaining walk-in applicants, mondays thru fridays 10AM to 7PM

4 06 2009

hi, i would just like to ask if there are still available positions particularly for BARCLAYS acct. I am currently employed at Convergys Ortigas and I’ve heard that you also have Barclays acct.

11 06 2009

what are the documents needed to apply? are undergraduates welcome?

13 06 2009

I would just like to ask if there are still openings for support personnel and team leads in you cabanatuan center? I am a Team Lead for a technical support account (DSL Internet) and i am just curious about job opportunities that you for team leads and support.

14 06 2009

I was just wondering if there are still available posting for team leads and supervisors/support for your site in Cabanatuan? I am a team lead in the company I am working for right now and I am just curious as to the opportunities that you have above agent level.

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