CHAS Realty and Dev’t Corp. Inks Contract with ICT Group

1 04 2008
ICT Marketing Services Inc. and CHAS Realty Development Corporation
recently signed it’s contract for the establishment of
ICT Group’s Call Center Facility in Megacenter the Mall, Cabanatuan City
held last March 27, 2008 at the Tower Club, Philamlife Tower, Makati City
Seated (L-R) Mr. John Langford – Executive Vice President, ICT, Ms. Denise T. Huibonhoa – Vice President and Leasing Manager, CRDC, Ms. Karen V. Batungbacal, President, ICT Group Philippines, Ms. Veronique T. Huibonhoa, President, CRDC
Standing (L-R) Mr. Felipe T. Huibonhoa, Vice President – Finance, CRDC, Mr. Don R. Felbaum, Managing Director, OPTEL Ltd., Mr. Richard S. Sy, Director – Facilities, Admin and Security, ICT and Mr. Joey M. Radovan, Executive Director, CB Richard Ellis Phils. Inc.
(L-R) Ms. Happy Lizzette R. Pajimna, Operations Manager – CRDC , Mr. Felipe T. Huibonhoa, Vice President -CRDC, Ms. Veronique T. Huibonhoa, President -CRDC, Ms. Denise T. Huibonhoa, Vice President – CRDC, Ms. Karen Batungbacal, President -ICT Group Phils., Mr. John E. Langford, Executive Vice President – ICT Group, Mr. Donald R. Felbaum, Managing Director – OPTEL Ltd., Mr. Joey M. Radovan, Executive Director – CBRE and Mr. Richard S. Sy, Facilities, Admin & Security Director, ICT Group
Megacenter the Mall welcomes ICT Group!
Welcome to Cabanatuan City!



21 responses

29 04 2008

do they need hands in IT administration?

4 05 2008
Cris Adriano

Good day Ma’am! I’m Cris Adriano, 18 years of age with no experience in the call center industry or any field of work for that matter. But I can assure you that I’ve exeptional communicating skills (oral and written). I was wondering if I would ever be taken serioiusly by the ICT people and be offered a job after I submit my resume and going through all the needed procedures, screenings or whathaveyou’s. Because of my age and lack of experience, I’m afraid that the working world would just see me as another run-of-the-mill teen.

14 05 2008

Dont say any negative from your application……

14 05 2008

@ Chris, your age and lack of experience are not grounds for ICT not to take your application seriously. As long a you know you are fitted for the job, better grab the opportunity. You may email your resume at or You may also drop a call at 044-463-0342 for more queries. Good day!

1 06 2008

Hi there! Just wanna know if you are accepting walk in applicants or there is always a group of applicants scheduled for the job interview and they are the only ones to be interviewed.

And will you conduct a continues hiring here in Cabanatuan City??????

12 06 2008

do you accept walk in applicants??or those people scheduled are the only ones to be interviewed????? tnx!!

7 07 2008

Hi to the admin. I wanted to work as a call center agent but my status in life was a little bit complicated if i should go to manila to work as an agent but when I heard that your company would be putting a callcenter here in cabanatuan i was really glad. I wonder if you are still hiring for a call center agent even its a few months since you post your hiring at Mega Center the Mall? How can I apply for the vacant position? Until what time did you entertain your applcant? What will be my requirements for applying your vacant position? What should be your posible position still offered till now.
Thank you.. and more power to your company.

26 07 2008
Ink & Prints

I just want to ask where can I call to inquire on vacant space inside the mall? I have a franchisee that is interested in getting a space inside Megacenter Mall. Thanks!


11 08 2008
Marc Banzuela

Hi there! I would like to ask to ICT Facilities and Services if you are still accepting proposals for the requisition of carpets? This is Marc Banzuela of High Performance Floors, Inc. — the exclusive distributor of Flotex Carpets in the Philippines. If yes, I would be much willing to visit your office and personally present our products. Flotex Carpets is a unique brand — stain-resistant, no space to trap dirts, with built-in anti microbial components, anti-static, seamless even on carpet tiles, and offers a 10 year warranty!

15 08 2008

@ Kc of Ink and Prints – for available spaces, you may contact Mrs. Analiza Go, our Leasing Department at 044-463-7449 or better e-mail/fax your letter of intent stating your primary requirements at Thank you.

17 08 2008

good day! do you accept walk in applicant? Thanks

17 08 2008

hi good evening..i want to work on your good company.what’s the step for applying a call center agent.thank you so much

9 09 2008

Im NOEL GO, 20 years old, from F. B. Harrison, Pasay City. I’m applying for the position of callcenter agent in your company. I have no expercience as call center agent but i can fullfil the demands of your company and pursue the needs and satistfactorily completed. I hope the feedback in my email add. Thank you and more power.

18 09 2008

Good day, I just wanted some clarification re. the screening process of your co. I’m really glad that there is now a BPO co. here in N.E. I’ve just resigned from my previous employer and I really want to be part of your team, however, I still haven’t been contacted despite of me submitting my resume twice to the receptionist at Mega Center (4 months interval. The1st was back in March and the 2nd in August) I’ve also submitted my resume online and yet still no response. I’ve been with 2 BPO co.s and my experience in applying would normally be a 1 day process if not 2. I understand that yours may be different but why so long? it’s been more than 6 months. It would be alright to think that I am not qualified but 9 of my other friends have also heard nothing from their application.

A friend of mine has advised me to try applying at your main office in manila as it would only take 1 day, and then request to be transferred to your N.E. Branch. But another friend of mine advised me to be patient and keep checking every week when the person incharge of interviewing will be available as He applied by simply walking-in and by chance the interviewer was avaialble so he was interviewed on the same day and now a part of the 3rd batch. I really envy him because it seemed effortless for him to be selected and to be part of the candidates that would go through the screening process.

A lot of my friends in this industry who are also Nueva Ecijanos have experienced the same and I am confident that we are good if not excellent candidates for the positions available but it seems the chance to be screened is denied of us. We would really like our own City and Province to advance in this industry and to also benefit from our talents and we wish nothing but for this industry to Prosper in Nueva Ecija. Imagine we will need to work too far away from home to be able to work in this industry. Some of my friends have lost faith but I am still hopeful that the screening process here in N.E. will be ironed out and hopefully, just maybe we’ll get a glint of hope that’s been meek to us.

Still optimistic,

2 06 2009
Honey Hernandez

Hi Jay,
Thank you for your email. I have not received any of your documents submitted to ICT. Just to share with you our sop, once we receive the resume we immediately do phone assessment and once you meet our minimum requirements we advise you to drop by our office in MegaCenter and undergo the recruitment process. By the way , our Cabanatuan Recruitment address is :
Hope to hear from you the soonest.


2 04 2009
Donna V.

Good day, I was just done reading about the Ictgroup in that I would like to ask if you are still hiring for a callcenter agent here in Cabanatuan City at Mega center the Mall this month of April. I am very much interested and i want to be part of your company as well. From where can i pass my resume if ever i would make one..? Thanks.

20 05 2009

Donna, ICT is continuously hiring agents. Just bring with you your resume, TIN Number, SSS Number and NBI Clearance. Mondays thru Fridays 10AM to 7PM at 5th Level, Megacenter the Mall, Cabanatuan City

16 04 2009

im erwin villanueva, from neust i applied for an on the job training in your company, i wish that your company may e-mail me regarding my application even if it fails to pass. because my time seeking for a company who can accept me for training and my work is very small. thank you.

29 05 2009
ice trinidad

Good morning Ma’am/Sir, just wondering if you still hiring callcenter agents in cabanatuan? i have no experience as a callcenter agent, iam very much interested.. will i become one of them? what are the requirements? where can i send the requirements?
thank you so much and god bless!!

29 05 2009
ice trinidad

hello, still waiting for your response.. thanks

7 06 2009

good pm po hanggang kaylan pa po ba ung summition ng resume…?

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