Megacenter offers a 4,000.00 sq. m. space that is PEZA approved and ideal for locating an IT enabled operation

2 03 2007

Megacenter the Mall (owned and managed by Chas Realty & Development Corporation) in Cabanatuan has 4,000 sqm. of existing, contiguous floor space that is PEZA approved and well suited for IT enabled services looking to locate in the city

The area offers:

Contiguous and level floor area for easy monitoring of workers / agents
An attractive space that is secure
Entertainment, shopping and food areas within easy reach
Substation generators rated at 1750kw at 460 Volts and 120kw at 230 volts can run for 24 hours at 70% tolerable load
Mall’s telecommunication facilities provided by PLDT and DIGITEL
Air conditioning system of the mall is provided through four units of water cooled chillers at 375 TR each. All equipment is 100% operational

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